Mother and Baby yoga in Hove yoga studio

Mother and Baby Yoga in Hove Yoga Studio

I absolutely love teaching Mother and Baby Yoga seeing those delightful little faces each week. Seeing an interaction between Mum and Baby through movement and a bit of singing thrown in. Mother and Baby yoga is a great way to ease yourself back into exercising as a new mother, while bonding with your baby. Relax, strengthen your muscles and have fun with your baby. ... Gentle yoga moves are designed for you and your baby to do together, so you can bond while getting fitter.

I trained as a Mother and Baby Yoga teacher whilst living in Streatham and whilst Amelie was about 6 months, so I had a real-life baby to practise on!!hannah waldman mother and baby yoga hove yoga studio

It is just an incredibly fun and social Mum and Baby Class to attend with the bonus of tea and biscuits at the end of the session.

Quite often the Mums who come have attended my Pregnancy Yoga Classes and then may also go onto practise Vinyasa Flow Yoga with me so there is a continuity to all my Yoga classes in Hove.

I have a gorgeous Apple Tree which my studio is built around which brings nature most definitely inside. Some come through the door and only notice the trunk of the tree when they leave which is hilarious.

To conclude come try it out you’ll find you both you and your baby will benefit in more ways than one! Thank you for reading, Namaste.

For more information on my Mother and Baby yoga classes, my timetable and prices, please visit this link


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