Yoga during my first pregnancy

Yoga during my first pregnancy

by Hannah Waldman owner of Hove Yoga Studio

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Throughout my pregnancy I was an avid student of pregnancy yoga, I just loved it. It was a time for me to stop, something I find tremendously difficult to do!

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When I birthed my baby daughter, at home, with relative ease in a birthing pool the midwives themselves said ‘it’s all that yoga you did’! I was actually looking forward to the experience of labour and birth and to putting all that I had learnt in my classes into practise. I feel blessed as a woman to have had this beautiful opportunity.

The breathing practices in my pregnancy yoga classes were extremely beneficial to the whole labouring experience. The Ujjayi breath and the Golden Thread breath were the ones I adopted. I am not sure how even to this day but they saw me through the most difficult moments. As a result of being qualified to teach pregnancy yoga I am actually able to share my experiences of pregnancy yoga with my students.

There seems to be so much fear surrounding pregnancy, labour and birth and so in my classes I would like to show that yoga can calm and prepare women for this period. In such a fast paced society and with many women working right up to the very end of pregnancy it is essential to bring an element of tranquillity into the yoga space. It is also vital to create a space where they feel it is OK to relax and quieten the mind and just ‘be’.

Om Shanti