What to Expect

Mother and Baby Yoga Class in Brighton and Hove, BN3 with Hannah Waldman

What to Expect at Mother and Baby Yoga

The postnatal period is a very special time for mothers and babies.

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The class is geared to provide a warm supportive environment in which to enjoy getting to know your baby, sharing beneficial practices to aid postnatal recovery and learning to relax in each other’s’ presence.

For the babies the class offers a lively mix of practices, including passive stretching and rhythmic movement accompanied by singing and action songs. For the mothers it offers postnatal recovery, improving posture, re-energising and recovering strength and vitality.

The class itself is designed for new born babies up to when they are able to sit unaided. The class is characterised by a positive ‘give and take’ that alternates yoga for mums, with yoga for babies, with yoga for two.

The classes are friendly and relaxed so that babies can be fed, changed, soothed, and sleep whenever they need. If the babies fall asleep mothers can still join in and when needed will be given alternative stretches. If the babies are being breast or bottle fed it is a great opportunity for pelvic floor exercises.

I remember taking Amelie to her first class in London at just 4 weeks old and she pretty much fed throughout the whole class! I felt like I was missing out but realised it was just as much fun watching the other mothers and babies practicing together. I observed what was going on and so took some of the practices home with me.

We have to remember too that babies cry, sometimes a lot, but we also need to remember that this is ok and we just do what we need to do. The class does vary each week but things are repeated so there is time to remember the songs and the moves week by week. The sessions usually end with a period of relaxation and a well-earned cup of tea, biscuit and time to chat. The class is an hour long of which about 40 minutes is practical 10 is relaxation (feel free to use this time to feed) and the remaining time is for a well-deserved cup of tea.

Try to bring just what you need for the session and unless your baby is sleeping it is a good idea to leave the car seat in the car, buggies can be left in the house or outside the studio, weather permitting. I supply changing mat, nappies and wipes and toys too.

Please feel free to contact Hannah using the form below  or Call Hannah on 07810602074