Vinyasa Flow

Do you want to feel re-energized and just generally feel more alive and contented? And all in a warm and cosy environment for up to 6 people

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Then why not try VINYASA FLOW YOGA with Hannah on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays….

Hannah’s  Vinyasa Flow Yoga classes offer an opportunity to explore breath with physical movement  allowing the body to feel at one with the breath.

Classes offer creative sequences which enables the body to ‘come alive’.

About Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Creative exploration through yoga will promote greater physical and mental vitality as well as strength and stamina. Vinyasa Flow links the postures practised in a regular Hatha class into a sequence of movements that flow with the breath.

I may recommend a couple of private sessions of Flow Yoga prior to entering a class just for you to get to know my style of teaching. The cost of a 1:1 session in this instance would be £25.

Hannah teaches Vinyasa Flow Yoga at Hove Yoga Studio in Hove, East Sussex. Please see her class schedule for the times of her classes.

Please follow this link to download a copy of the questionnaire you will be asked to fill in before your first class.  You can either fill a copy in when you arrive, or download it beforehand should you so wish.

New Student questionnaire

Prices and Booking


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Reserve your Vinyasa Flow class now

Are you wishing to complement your existing practise at all? Or would you like to work specific areas of your body? Then why not come along to a monthly vinyasa flow class!

Vinyasa Master Class

10am – midday. Cost £25

Contact me for upcoming dates >>


Catherine Burn

“I love Hannah’s classes.  I find myself relaxing and working my body at the same time.”

Sue Spink
“I’ve found Yoga with Hannah is the best way I’ve found in unknotting those shoulders after carrying my one year old throughout the day!”

Amanda Fuller
“I really look forward to Hannah’s classes, they are relaxed and informal. I come away feeling completely revitalised!”