Yoga Log = Yloging

Monday 12th January 2015…
As far as Blogging goes, or as my website states Yloging, I am entering a slightly unknown territory and one I feel not quite equipped to do. But having written my first few tweets

My beautiful tree at Bushy Park (11th January)


yesterday I am feeling ever so excited! I’ve just got to get on with it and be prepared to learn along the way – or I’ll never get anything done.
Last week I had a quiet week trying to get both my mental and physical attributes back into the swing of it. But I decided at the beginning of the week to have neither any expectations nor specific outcomes. And guess what I got loads done. Because I had no expectation (ok maybe a few as it is hard to stop completely!) I didn’t need to tell myself off or get cross with myself for not achieving them and thus I was happier for it. My moto – ‘do less (and if possible think less) and achieve more’
I also delivered a workshop and got some lovely feedback which always helps my confidence issue. Having people say how amazing it was and how brilliant it was is just awesome. It would be lovely to be able to have the inner self believe and not have to reply on positive feedback to get it. My task this year, as not sure it could be done in a week, to affirm that I am self-assured and confident in what I do!
Until next week