I love Hannah’s classes.  I find myself relaxing and working my body at the same time.

Catherine Burn

I’ve found Yoga with Hannah is the best way I’ve found in unknotting those shoulders after carrying my one year old throughout the day!

Sue Spink

I really look forward to Hannah’s classes, they are relaxed and informal. I come away feeling completely revitalised!
Amanda Fuller


“Hannah’s classes are great for both mother & babies! They are fun, relaxed and my baby loved the postures which we have been able to practice at home too. Hannah is friendly and helpful with the babies if you need a helping hand.”

Tania Sierra Measures

“My hour and a half of baby yoga with Hannah on a monday has been such a lovely start to the week. Time to stretch and relax as well as meet other mums. My baby girl loves the class too- the songs and activities kept her entertained throughout the class. Hannah has a lovely relaxed approach and a good sense of humour (which is very necessary in a class full of babies!) If you are a new mum I highly recommend putting this time aside each week for you and your little one…it is a wonderful pool of calm in a busy and often stressful time.”

Ellie Wyatt

Hannah has a wonderful teaching technique which was so fantastic post-nataly – just the right balance of feeling relaxed but also energised by a class”

Emma Rigby


“An interactive and relaxing class in the calming surroundings of Hanna’s garden studio. She takes a real interest in our progress and we get to share our pregnancy highs and lows with eachother before the class begins. I feel better prepared for birth and breathing during labour after taking Hannah’s classes. Fully recommended”

Rebecca, Portslade.

Yoga was never my thing but being introduced to pregnancy yoga with Hannah was fantastic. The postures helped me feel open and completely stretched out all the way through my pregnancy. The postures also really came into their own during my labour. I am sure my positive birth experience was due to pregnancy yoga.

Lucy Sharpe

 Pregnancy yoga was an absolute God-send for me during my 38 weeks of growing, stretching and changing!  I loved the intimate setting of Hannah’s studio and her informal yet v.professional teaching method.  All of the breathing techniques Hannah taught us were put to great use during labour and in my final weeks, Hannah’s class would leave me feeling unbelievably weightless…which in itself was something of a miracle!  Thank you Hannah, I’ve been recommending you to everyone!!

Elizabeth White

I can’t recommend Hannah’s pregnancy yoga enough, I really enjoyed every session i went to and the classes are small and personal and in a lovely purpose built studio in Hannah’s garden. I felt so relaxed and calm after attending the classes and Hannah is the perfect yoga instructor with a fun laid back teaching approach!

Hayley Hay

‘I started pregnancy yoga with Hannah at 14 weeks pregnant and I have thoroughly enjoyed every single class. It is great to warm up at the start of every session with an informal chat and catch up with the other pregnant ladies and get advice from Hannah on how to cope with the aches & pains that pregnancy can sometimes cause. Hannah is very aware of our individual needs and you can push yourself as far as you want to or try an alternative position that might suit you better. I am now 34 weeks pregnant and I make sure I find time every day to do some of the exercises Hannah has taught me and I am certainly feeling the benefits. I am very excited about having my baby, but I will really miss our yoga sessions!’

Kylie Grice

 I attended Hannah’s pregnancy yoga class from 14 weeks of pregnancy right up until I gave birth. In an otherwise hectic world I found this class so relaxing, it became my weekly haven! I have an underlying back problem so was expecting this injury to rear problems when I was pregnant. I had no problems at all and I feel this was due to going to pregnancy yoga.  Hannah teaches you techniques to help with the process of giving birth, to ‘breath the baby out’. I’m sure this helped contribute to my ultra quick 3 hour labour. I had never been to yoga before, and would recommend this class to all pregnant ladies.