Baby massage courses

current online via Zoom!

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The course will be 4 weeks in duration and costs £36.00.

You will receive oils and handouts to take home with you so you can continue to enjoy the benefits at home.

I am currently teaching this class online.  Why not use it as a way of staying in touch with i.e your NCT group.

N.B. it may take your little ones a few sessions to familiarise themselves to the techniques.

For more information or to book please Call on 07810 602074

Free parking Tea and biscuits included!

Come & experience the benefits of baby massage in this 1hr session.  Touch is a newborn’s first language.  Massaging your baby allows you to express emotional affection through skin contact and also fulfils your baby’s need for physical contact.

In one short session the baby is given as much physical activity as they would if they were handles and carried all day. All the baby’s bodily systems are stimulated, including the digestive and nervous system and immunity is boosted.  It may also contribute to positive sleep patterns.  If you’d like to talk to Hannah Waldman about baby massage courses in Brighton and Hove, please contact her here

International Association of Infant Massage Qualified.